Xmas Kids Christmas Tree Toy

$ 29.95 USD

Why should the grown-ups have all the fun decorating the Christmas tree! Add extra Christmas magic to your home this year 🎄🎅

Children love all the light and splendor of a Christmas tree, but — let's be real — little hands around so much glass is enough to make anyone a little nervous.

This felt Christmas tree craft will keep kids occupied as they wait for Santa's visit and it gives them totally safe tree to marvel at. Not only will you have some quiet time you will help him to play on his own while allowing him to build a Christmas tree the way he likes.

1/ This way you let him build his developmental skills as mentioned before.
2/ Children loved playing with this! She can "do it" herself, and adult enjoyed watching her add the decorations in her own way!
3/ Create a creative personal holiday tree. No artistic skill required. Do It Yourself.

Fun and easy - not just for the kids, but - for the whole family. It's a win all the way around!

  • 2019 New Year's most wanted novelty Christmas decorations
  • popular trending on social media
  • 25 pcs ornaments such as Santa, snowman, candy, elk, candy boxes and so on

Tree size: 37.5 * 27.5 inch (95 cm * 70 cm)

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